Hands-Free Handwashing stations in Eastern & Southern Africa region in the context of COVID-19 pandemic

This is a consolidation of low-cost low-tech design & construction guidance for building mobile hands-free Handwashing with Soap Stations in UNICEF's East and South African Region countries, with the aim of reducing risks of disease transmission and increasing desirability for hand hygiene.

How to conduct a situational analysis – methodology document

This document describes an approach for conducting a national situational analysis of water, sanitation hygiene (WASH) as a basis for improving quality of care. A situational analysis is the first of the eight “practical steps” recommended by WHO and UNICEF as a means to trigger action to improve and sustain WASH in health care facilities, a prerequisite for providing quality care.

Core questions for monitoring WASH in health care facilities in the SDGs [French]


Ferramenta de Melhoria da Água e Saneamento para as Unidades Sanitárias – WASH FIT [Portuguese]

Um guia prático para a melhoria da qualidade da prestação de cuidados através da água, saneamento e higiene nas unidades sanitárias.

Summary of all WHO and related resources on WASH in HCF [updated January 2021]

This document includes links to all WHO resources on WASH, waste, IPC, AMR. It is regularly updated with new publications.

Summary of WHO country support, updated January 2021


Madagascar: National standards on WASH in HCF [Guide technique de mise en oeuvre des Formations Sanitaires Amies de WASH]


The cost of meeting basic WASH standards in health care facilities – Preliminary Findings

A set of slides detailing the preliminary findings of the cost of meeting basic WASH standards in health care facilities. Note, the data in these slides should not be cited.

2020 WASH in Healthcare Facilities Trailblazers: Second Edition

This booklet highlights some of the progress made over the year, featuring 35 organizations (the “Trailblazers”) who continue to be committed to improving WASH in health care facilities. With such a strong response to the first edition, Global Water 2020 published a second edition to correspond to the publication of the Global Progress Report.

What is WASH FIT? A quick overview

Want to know more about WASH FIT? Download this 2-pager for a quick overview of the tool.

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